Friday, July 23, 2010

Great MTConnect Technical Advisory Working Group Meeting at Mazak

We had a great few days of meetings at Mazak in Florence, Kentucky this past week.  We had almost 40 attendees which is fantastic.  HUGE thanks to Brian Papke and Neil Desrosiers of Mazak for their great hospitality in hosting the meeting and especially for their leadership with MTConnect.  Mazak's slogan is, "Your Partner for Innovation" and truer words were never spoken.  Mazak has been a GREAT thought leader and partner in MTConnect!  Paul Warndorf will be posting the notes at

Below is a summary of the future issues that I brought up in the summary that we must address.  These are outside of the MTConnect specification itself.  John Turner and Dave Edstrom working together to drive these.
  • NEW web site is coming
  • MTConnect Adoption Working Group
    • Reference Ports: Most Popular Legacy Machine Controls
    • Best Practices Guide for Legacy Machine Tools
    • Best Practices Guide for MTConnect Applications
    • Best Practices Guide for Extending MTConnect
    • MT-DUG (MTConnect Developers Users Group) - a better acronym/name is requested :-)
  • MTConnect Marketing Working Group
    • Leverage existing MTConnect members marketing resources
    • Work with manufacturing marketing groups to drive awareness

Huge THANKS to all those who attended both in person and over the phone.