Saturday, October 4, 2014

One Million Actual Flight Miles on United Airlines

I am NOW at ONE MILLION actual miles on United Airlines!!!   I am Premier Gold the rest of my life AND I am Boarding Group #1 the rest of my life as well -- so, I got that going for me.

United MileagePlus
Congratulations, David
MileagePlus # XXXXX

1 Million Miler
Dear David,
After countless flights, you have officially arrived. You have now flown one million miles with United® and MileagePlus®, and we appreciate that you have chosen us again and again.
In recognition of your outstanding accomplishment, we are honored to grant you status that will not fall below Premier® Gold, although you can always earn a higher status. You can also designate a companion* annually to share your status. You will receive your official credentials within the next four to six weeks.
Thank you again for your exceptional business, and we look forward to your next flight with us.

Thomas F. O'Toole
Thomas F. O'Toole
President, MileagePlus
Senior Vice President
Marketing and Loyalty
MileagePlus United Premier Gold