Saturday, September 10, 2011

23 Days Until Early Bird Registration Ends For [MC]2 MTConnect Connecting Manufacturing Conference

[MC]2 MTConnect: Connecting Manufacturing Conference

Since its introduction to the manufacturing industry, the MTConnect standard has been revolutionizing the way manufacturing equipment and devices "talk" to each other on the shop floor. Anyone in the manufacturing industry can benefit from learning about this important standard. That's why you must attend [MC]2 MTConnect: Connecting Manufacturing Conference, November 8-10, 2011, in Cincinnati, Ohio.
This conference will have something for everyone, from distributors to end users, to manufacturing technology builders, to software developers, to C-level executives, to professors, to students, and to anyone who just wants to really understand MTConnect. [MC]2 offers both business and technical tracks, hands-on technical workshops, panel discussions on the use and benefits of the standards, as well as a showcase of commercially available products utilizing the MTConnect standard.
Conference attendees will have the opportunity to learn from the experts to really understand how MTConnect, as Modern Machine Shop said, is enabling tremendous productivity gains in manufacturing.  Those attending will return with new knowledge and skills so they can engage in a deeper dialogue on manufacturing productivity, as well as a much better understanding on what it takes to compete in 21st century manufacturing. Register now! This is an event like no other.

A Stack of CDs from Earth to 50,000 Miles Beyond the Moon

Brian Vastag of the Washington Post wrote a very nice article on one of the recurring articles on the analog to digital timeline with some nice graphics.

                        Exabytes: Documenting the 'digital age' and huge growth in computing capacity
"That daily digital activity contributes to a churning information tsunami. Humans generate enough data - from TV and radio broadcasts, telephone conversations and, of course, Internet traffic - to fill our 276 exabyte storage capacity every eight weeks, Hilbert said. Of course, most of the digital traffic is never stored long term, evaporating into the ether."
Above was one of the more interesting statistics in the article.

2011 Top Shops Modern Machine Shop Survey

AMT - The Association For Manufacturing Technology, is sponsoring Modern Machine Shop's Top Shops Survey.

Modern Machine Shop and AMT have been partners for a very, very long time.  I have met most of the Modern Machine Shop (MMS) and they are just fantastic people.  It is very cool that MMS and AMT have teamed together for this Top Shops survey. 

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