Friday, June 12, 2015

A Great Time With Dennis Govoni and the WTRC in Munich Many, Many Years Ago

Many, many years ago Dr. Dennis Govoni and I were part of Sun Microsystems Worldwide Technical Readiness Council (WTRC) which had a small handful of the Chief Technologists on planet earth for Sun who would get together three or four times a year.  We were basically responsible for the official conduit between the field and engineering on what Sun needed for products.  It was quite the elite group and we met all over the globe.  One of the great trips was meeting at Oktoberfest.  We went out to dinner and saw this in front of a restaurant that we just had to eat at.  Dennis said something to me like, "hey dummy, get in front of this sign so I can take your picture" - which I was more than happy.  Dennis just resent this to me which caused me to laugh my a$$ off.  Thanks Dr.!

Summer 2015 Sun Reunion - July 23rd at Coastal Flats

Summer 2015 Sun Reunion

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