Sunday, September 25, 2011

MTConnect to be at IMTS 2012

MCADCafe picked up AMT - The Association For Manufacturing Technology's press release on IMTS 2012.   Below is a snippet discussing additive technology and MTConnect.

"There will be two other big features in the ETC: Additive Technology, and MTConnect®, the open-source communications and interconnectivity standard for manufacturing equipment and devices.

Additive Technology will feature the latest advances in this exciting manufacturing concept. These technologies actually "compress time" in that they dramatically reduce the time between design and production and eliminate certain processes associated with traditional machining, such as tooling. Additive manufacturing truly makes things possible in manufacturing that were not possible before. In addition, 3-D printing, a type of additive manufacturing, allows for "desktop manufacturing," bringing production to places it previously couldn't be done, such as homes and classrooms.

Finally, MTConnect® will return to the ETC in 2012. First introduced at IMTS 2008, this ground-breaking interconnectivity and communications standard is changing the way manufacturing equipment and devices are monitored and their productivity analyzed. The standard has been gaining more widespread use throughout the industry and has been called the "Rosetta Stone" of manufacturing because it allows equipment and devices to speak a common language."