Monday, March 24, 2014

Nice West Coast Visit - Business and Pleasure

Dave McPhail and I were on the west coast for business.  This is flying in to SFO and just over the engine is the new Facebook (old Sun Microsytems) campus.

We managed to find a couple of hours for pleasure during the trip.  First trip was to the Computer History Museum.  It was Dave M's first time there and he really seemed to enjoy it.  Below is IBM's Watson exhibit.

Above is the TIM or Time Is Money calculator that I had to take for my youngest son Tim.

Above is blurry (it is hard to shoot through glass) of the November 3rd, 1971 Unix Programmer's Manul

Above is the famous button was a tribute to Bill Joy of Sun Microsystems and Unix

The very famous Unix license plate that DEC made as a giveaway.

The very famous Moore's Law exhibit

Dave and I saw this working model of the Babbage Difference Engine actually run (ok, try to run - it jammed the day we were there, still cool seeing it run live)

       Dave and I had lunch with my oldest son John at Facebook.  It is always with a little mixed feelings going there (used to be the old Sun campus) but it is great to see so much energy at the campus.  Facebook has done a tremendous job with the campus and are building a new state of the art campus across the street.  Dave and I picked up some Instagram t-shirts for our family members.

  Above is John and his fiancee Janet.  We had dinner at a very nice restaurant (The Slanted Door) with a great view of the Bay Bridge (below).   It's always great seeing John and Janet on my west coast trips.  I stayed over the weekend to have dinner with them both on Saturday night.

Above is a photo of the city at night from a pier just looking back at the Slanted Door restaurant at the pier.