Monday, July 4, 2016

Net Neutrality Win Is A For Humanity (as Sun Microsystems Scott McNealy Would Have Said :-)

This is a really, really big deal.  

Five and half years ago I blogged on this topic and I called it "Net Neutrality In A Nutshell"

Three years ago I blogged on where the co-fathers of the Internet stand on this topic:

Two years ago I blogged on why this is a big deal.

Below is a snippet from the article by The Washington Post's Brian Fung titled:

"A federal appeals court has voted to uphold a series of strict new rules for Internet providers, handing a major victory to regulators in the fight over net neutrality and ensuring that one of the most sweeping changes to hit the industry in recent years will likely remain on the books.
The 2-1 court ruling Tuesday forces Internet providers such as Verizon and Comcast to obey federal regulations that ban the blocking or slowing of Internet traffic to consumers. The regulations from the Federal Communications Commission also forbid carriers from selectively speeding up websites that agree to pay the providers a fee — a tactic critics have said could unfairly tilt the commercial playing field against startups and innovators who may not be able to afford it."
 Congratulations to the federal appeals court for getting this right!