Monday, October 7, 2013

Seagull Century 2013 With Jeff, Gork and Steve

This year's Seagull Century was the 25th anniversary of the Salisbury University sponsored bike rides that vary from a metric century (63 miles) to an english century (100 miles).  This was my 13th Seagull Century and Jeff and my 12th together.  One of those was a total washout and one was a partial washout.  The others we finished the full 100 miles.

Above (from right to left) is Dr. Glen "Gork" Gawarkiewicz, Jeff Stone, Steve Fritzinger and me enjoying some beers at Ocean City's Harborside Bar and Grill.
Jeff and I got in about 2pm and Gork and Steve got in about 3.  We went to the university to get our Seagull Century 2013 long sleeve t-shirts.

Above the four of us our at the starting line at 7:15am on October 5th.

Gork, Jeff and I are at the bridge to Assateague Island with Ocean City skyline in the distant background.  It was 91 degrees and almost no wind.  Normally the wind is the killer factor from the 63 mile mark at lunch to the finish line.  This year we got incredibly lucky.

Gork is a world class photographer who can ride a bike and shoot photos (me) as he rides.  You can see from the clear blue sky that it was a picture perfect day. Gork once road across the United States where he averaged well over 100 miles per day, so even at age 54, this was nothing for Gork

Above is me, Gork, and Jeff at the final rest stop before the 17 mile final push to the beer garden.

Jeff, me and Gork at the finish line at about 4pm.  Jeff did fantastic, especially considered he just had a major knee replacement just three months ago.

Above is Steve who came in about an hour after us.  That Steve finished is impressive since his longest ride was 41 miles prior to the century.  Steve has done tons of triathalons and centuries in years past.

Above is my speedometer after we got back to the van. It was probably 2% high, but we clearly went past 100 miles on the ride.

Above is the four of us in front of the Fat Tire area at the end.  Unfortunately the knuckleheads who run the Seagull Century closed the beer, drinks and food at 5pm.  There were a number of people still finishing after 5 and to close things down is to cater to those who ride $5,000 carbon fiber bikes and average 20+ mph for the ride.  I am going to send an email to the president that he is not taking care of a big chunk of the riders, he is losing money and it makes no sense.  It was a great Friday and Saturday on the eastern shore!