Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ten Years Ago Today Purchased My Corvette

Ten years ago today, my wife Julie and I came back on a red-eye from Hawaii.  After lunch that day, Julie asked me to run up to Walmart to pick up some school supplies for the boys.  On the way to Walmart I decided to stop by Carmax.  I walked into Carmax and saw a black C5 (5th generation Corvette) Corvette coupe, looked inside and it was an automatic.  As I was walking away the salesman said, "we have three more just like it in the lot."   I then said, "oh, you have three more Corvettes in the lot?"   He then said, "no, we have three more black C5 coupes."   That really got my attention because that was the exact type of Corvette that I was looking for during the past year.  I also thought, "this is a sign from Jesus/Allah/Buddah that I should go check these out." 

We walk out to the lot and the second and third C5s did not have the options I wanted.  The fourth black C5 coupe had every option I wanted and more.  I took it out for a drive and then asked the salesman how it works when you buy a car from Carmax?  The salesman said that when you buy it, you have three days to return it.   I then said, "let's do it."   From when I uttered those words it was less than a 1/2 an hour when I was driving off with my new Corvette.  It was the exact type of experience that you want to have when you buy a car. 

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and I drive home in my 1998 black Corvette coupe.  When I pull up in the driveway, Julie is outside with the boys.   Julie asked, "did you just buy a Corvette."   I then say, "no, I am just test driving it."  Julie then says, "don't give me that crap, you have metal tags on the car and their is no salesman with you."   I then say, "wait, a second, now that I think about it,  yes I guess I did buy it."  We both laughed and my sons that it was pretty cool.

I called Steve Ferry who is a Corvette expert and he came out to the house with his son Matt.  Steve checked it out and gave me his approval.  He then suggested that I take it up to Tony's Corvette Shop.  I called Tony first thing Monday and brought it up there on Tuesday.  Tony gave it his approval as well after spending a couple of hours going through it carefully.  It has been a great car.  

About five years ago I had Tony take it from 345 hp to 430 hp by adding a Honker Callaway airbox, ceramic coated long tube headers, x-pipe, RandomTech replacement catalytic converter replacement, Corsa Pace Car exhaust, a thicker replacement under panel to keep heat out of the cabin and miscellaneous other upgrades.

It puts a smile on my face every time I start the engine.  This is a daily driver unless the weather is crap.  As I tell people, if I come out and get in a Nissan Quest versus a Corvette, I had better have my head examined.  Driving a Corvette is fun. Waxing and polishing a Corvette is not....