Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Global Chief Technologist Role for Software At Sun

I was in Milan, Italy this past week meeting with lots of customers from all around the globe.  On the way home, I had lots of time :-) to think about how much I enjoy my role as Global Chief Technologist (CT) for Global Systems Engineering in the Software Line of Business.   This was very exciting for me as I was named the CT for North America's Software Practice in the summer of 2004 and a couple of years later I was the CT for America's Software Practice which included both North and South America.

It was on June 4th, 2009 I was announced as the Chief Technologist (CT) for Global Systems Engineering in the Software Line of Business reporting to James Hollingshead.

This Earth Rise Photo reminds me of my role :-)

This position of being the CT for Global Systems Engineering Line Of Business has allowed me to further  emphasize the global nature of my job and here is just a list of some of the functions I have greatly enjoyed:

Working with Sun's global customers, global partners and global employees is something that I truly enjoy doing on a daily basis.

Providing input to Sun's Software Business Units (BU) via the Product/Technology Leads Group that I lead was a key factor for Sun's Software direction.  We would gather global input from Sun's customers, Partners and employees in a very organized fashion.

The SoftWare Technical Roundtable (SWTR) is a weekly technology show that I initially hosted from a North America, then an America's perspectice and a few years ago I took it global for both Sun employees and Sun's Partners.

I am very proud of the work I have done with MTConnect, MTAG and being on the MTConnect Institute Board of Directors - all of which is global in nature.

I have greatly enjoyed being Principal Field Technologist (PFT) Guide for SEs around the globe.
Attending the World Congress for Information Technology was a tremendous experience.

It was a real pleasure to lead the creation of Software Genius University (SGU) with some of our top SEs in the Software Practice and across Sun that delivered 760 hours of content and to see that be embraced globally as well.

I was the "father" of the Mid Atlantic Area Technology Center for Sun.  This multi-million dollar Center had over 300 customers from around the globe through it in just over seven years and has posted world class industry leading benchmarks.  The Center won the 1996 World Wide System Engineering Creativity Award.

Just selecting one global trip of note is hard, but when a small group of us went to Bangalore to meet with Sun's Engineering group and spending a week there it was very educational and interesting.

Going to Puerto Rico to speak in front of 200 Presidents of companies from around the globe was a trip to remember as well.

Working Java One every year is always very education and interesting to talk technology with folks from around the globe.

Attending seven of Sun's prestigious Sunrise trips that were recognized globally was always a thrill.

These are just a small fraction of the global activities I have had, but I thought it was worth capture at least some of these...