Saturday, March 5, 2011

System Insights ContactOne Box

This week, I am at the MFG Conference in Chandler, Arizona working the MTConnect booth, speaking to the AMT's Board of Directors on MTConnect and MTInsight as well as attending conference sessions.  

Also attending are Will Sobel, President and CEO of Systems Insights with his CTO,  Dr. Athulan Vijayaraghavan.  

ConnectOne by System Insights is a hardware solution to support MTConnect compatibility in legacy devices and sensors.  ConnectOne is a key enabling technology for System Insights’ vimana[TM] platform, and enables compatibility for legacy devices that do not have native MTConnect support.  ConnectOne supports data collection over serial, analog, and digital interfaces to support a variety of factory equipment. 

ConnectOne comes with a power meter for energy and power quality monitoring, which can be applied along with optional sensor inputs in monitoring the activities of the machine tool.   ConnectOne enables wireless data transfer and integration by using state-of-the-art mesh networking 802.15.4 technology, which allows for simple, ad-hoc installation and usage.

Below, Athulan (on the left) and Will are showing off their new ConnectOne box.

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