Monday, January 27, 2014

Four Year Anniversary of Oracle Buying Sun Microsytems

Four years ago today was when Oracle officially purchased and took over Sun Microsystems.

While things worked out great for me and many others that received packages from Oracle, the same cannot be said for all previous Sun employees who went to Oracle. 

Let's see what the god of Java, James Gosling, thinks four years later in the NetworkWorld article where James Gosling looks back at the Mixed Fate of Sun Tech.

I thought this was interesting in the above NetworkWorld article by James on his baby Java:

"Gosling gives Oracle a B+ grade for its handling of Java: “They've really done surprisingly well with Java except for the ‘growing pains’ in figuring out how to deal with security issues.”

Analyst Michael Azoff, of Ovum, sees Java as being a healthy state of development despite client-side issues. “Oracle is investing in Java, and the upcoming generation releases (SE 8 and 9) involve significant re-architecting to evolve the language and platform.”

Unfortunately, James (and I would strongly agree) does not feel the same way about Solaris:

"Gosling sees Solaris as “totally dead” and says he converted his Solaris systems to Linux. “The license fees for Solaris are so high that it's crazy to think of trying to use it and the hardware offerings from Oracle make no sense.”