Monday, August 31, 2015

California Vacation - John and Janet Second Wedding, 60th Anniversary My Parents and My Aunt Dorothy

We went out to CA for a family vacation.  While we did a  lot of cool things, to me the highlight was seeing my mother (on the right) and my Aunt Dorothy below just get together and talk.  This is from the ridge top house - The Trinity House - we rented that overlooked the Sonoma Valley.  Absolutely spectacular is the only way to describe it. When we left our 14 acre estate and turned to the right we went down into Sonoma Valley and we went left we went into Napa Vally.  You could not ask for a better mother or a better aunt.

Below are John and Janet in front of the church right after the wedding.

Below are my parents at about the same age as John and Janet.

The main reason we flew out to CA was for John and Janet's second wedding on the west coast.  They had an east coast wedding in the beautiful rolling hills of Loudoun County at Hillsborough Winery.

Above is my parents from their wedding in 1955.  They were a little younger than John and Janet at the time.

Above is when we visited Facebook where our oldest son John and his wife Janet both work. My parents both wore their Faceobook shirts.  I told the guard that Facebook started a new intern programs for 80+ year olds :-)

Below we are on top the new Building 20 which looks back over the old Sun campus.  It will ALWAYS be the old Sun campus until the day I die :-)

In and Out Burger is a must -- thanks to Tim.

Tim did a great job of reading scripture -- something he was asked to do 5 minutes before the ceremony started.

No photos can give justice to the large redwoods that we saw with my parents.

We took a 4 hour tour with my parents of San Francisco.

We visited the aquarium and I thought this Stingray was a sign from Jesus/Allah/Buddah that he wants me to purchase a new Corvette - which I did :-)

My father ordered the 2/3 burger at the Black Bear Diner in Sonoma.  He ate it all.

Above we went to a nice German restaurant for the rehearsal dinner with Janet's parents and her brother Jeff. It was a great time.

Tim had to order the boot of beer.  Two litres of beer - he finished it with Michael's help.  He had to give them a $50 deposit since most people drop them and break the boot.

This is a view from the roof of John and Janet's place in the Mission District.

Below we did a night time tour of Alcratraz that was amazing.  It takes months to get in the queue and they show you a lot more than the standard tour.  They take you to different areas that are not open during the day tours.  I highly recommend it.

Above is the mechanism to open and close the cell doors.  Very impressive technology for the 1940s.

 Above are the spirits we picked up for The Trinity House -- which is the home on top the ridge.

Above are the sunsets from our house on top the ridge.