Saturday, February 21, 2015

Will There Be A Pro-Science and Pro-Data Republican Who Runs For President?

After reading Richard Cohen's great article titled, "Walker's inartful dodge - The governor should have answered a question on evolution", I continue to be absolutely amazed how in 2015 we can have "presidential candidates" who do not believe in science or data! How is this possible? Well, we all know how it is possible.  The republicans have to play to their pro-religion and anti-science base that's why.  It is no more complicated then that.

As Richard Cohen so eloquently stated when talking about Walker, "My faux conservative heart sank. My pretend hero is either an ignoramus or a coward. It is simply not possible to contest evolution, since it is the basis of all the biological sciences. The issue is closed, not debatable, and while I am obliged to say something nice about those who prefer the biblical story of creation, I have to point out that countless people somehow manage a practical synthesis and believe in both — evolution and religion. It can be done."

Cohen then discusses Governor Christie, "The once-courageous Chris Christie had also visited the British capital on yet another trade mission — New Jersey exports tomatoes and attitude — when he was asked about whether kids should be required to get the measles vaccine."

Mr. Cohen continued in his article below:

"My God, what a tough question! The governor who chased people off the beach before Superstorm Sandy and whose aides put a full nelson on the George Washington Bridge said the choice should be left to the parents. Why? On account of their medical/scientific knowledge? On account of something they had once seen on “Oprah” or “Larry King Live” where Jenny McCarthy inveighed against vaccines? No. The answer was clear: pander. The self-styled Pander Slayer was pandering to his supposed base in yonder Iowa."

Someday my grandchildren will ask me WHY my generation screwed up the planet so badly.  My response will be, "you're right, it was MY generation that screwed things up because religion beat out science for topics that were 100% about science." 

Thanks Mr. Cohen!

What am I doing about it?  Writing blog posts and ripping people new a$$holes when they start talking complete crap like this.  This is just as stupid as saying the sun rotates around the earth...