Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mazak Providing MTConnect Agents and Adapters For All Machines With MATRIX Controls

I just noticed that Mazak is providing MTConnect Agents and Adapters for all machines with MATRIX controls.

This is very cool and Mazak continues to execute and be an industry thought leader.  

Below is a snapshot of the info that is at Mazak MTConnect Agents and Adapters page as of September 29, 2010, so please goto Mazak's home page to get the latest and greatest information on Mazak's MTConnect Agents and Adapters.

Mazak provides MTConnect Agents and Adapters for all machines with MATRIX controls for a minimal cost.  The Agent and Adapters are based on the source code provided by the MTConnect Institute.  This allows the greatest acceptance of the standard by those implementing their own software.

The files and links provided below will be updated periodically as updates are made available. Last Update on Sept 29, 2010

For question or problems concerning the content provided on this page, please email Mazak support at or call 1-859-342-1881.

MTConnect Agent V1.1

To download the Mazak MTConnect AGENT, click the link below.

Download Sample Mazak MTConnect Agent

MTConnect Adapters

Mazak MTConnect Adapters are available for most products.  To request an Adapter, email to  You must include contact information and your machine serial number.

Legacy Adapters

Mazak provides legacy support for all Fusion based controls. Customers must have their sales representative enter an engineering request for their machine.  Click HERE to find your sales representative.

Developer Links

MTConnect Device files for Mazak Machines

For V1.1 Agent (Many of these file support v1.0.1 Adapters)
Mazak will help you configure a Mazak machine device file not listed here.  Send email to for assistance.



i-series Integrex
INT_i200S INT_i300S INTi-630V  

j-series Integrex
INT_j200 INT_j400    

e-series Integrex




QTN-250MY QTN-350MSY QTN-450MY  

HVRX630 VRX500II