Saturday, May 21, 2016

Tim Edstrom Summer Intern at Memex

My youngest son Tim started this past Tuesday at Memex as an intern doing software development.  We have a tradition of making the interns/co-ops ( James and Gaurav ) wear the famous Montana's of Canada horns :-) 

Below is the extremely talented Memex DEV Team. From left to right is Ryan, Brian, Doug, Tim, Tim S., Jeremy, me, Terry and Anusha (not pictured is Gowtham who was on vacation and Ken who is in Woodstock).

Below is Tim and me in front of Memex's HQ in Burlington, Ontario. 

The final night Tim and I took an hour drive to Niagara Falls on the Canadian side for dinner and to see the incredible views in person.

Below is a rainbow and the Maid of Mist with the Canadian Niagara Falls on the right and the much less impressive American Niagara Falls on the left.