Friday, July 18, 2014

Great Article - "Benefits of a Networked Plant"

Memex Automation's Thomas Smeenk, VP of Business Development, wrote a very nice article for Today's Medical Developments:

Below is a snippet:

"Mazak’s MTConnect networked plant shows global manufacturers that through the Internet of Everything, plants can achieve dramatic improvements through connectivity.

Mazak doesn’t just talk about the benefits of networking machine tools with MTConnect. At its 536,000ft2 plant in Florence, Ky., the company is proving that connectivity is providing manufacturing’s first major shift in the 21st Century."

"Earlier this year, Ben Schawe, vice president of manufacturing, presented the results of the implementation of an MTConnect networked plant using MERLIN, a real-time machine monitoring and manufacturing execution systems (MES) solution. The results are nothing short of stunning and a clarion call to manufacturers, globally. With a 17% increase in plant-wide productivity, Mazak has demonstrated the validity of the MTConnect networked plant."