Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Thanks Tim Edstrom - Outstanding Software Developer - Summer Internship at Memex Inc.

Today is Tim Edstrom's last day as a summer intern for Memex Inc. Tim started for Memex the latter part of May in a 30 hours per week position as a software developer. Tim was up here the latter part of May to meet everyone and then worked remote. (Here is the blog post at MEMEX thanking Tim)

Tim is a very bright young developer who did an outstanding job working on a future software package for our MERLIN Manufacturing Executive System (MES) platform. The software package Tim worked on will be a first in the industry piece of software.

October 1st, 2016 Update:  I could not state this back in August when Tim finished up for MEMEX, but I can now.  Tim wrote the MERLIN Tempus Enterprise Edition (EE) Factor Simulator for us. This is a REALLY big deal because it is the industry's first complete factory simulator that is shipping with a commercial product.  This will be used for training prospects, MEMEX's Sales Reps will use it to demonstration MERLIN Tempus, trouble-shooting systems and many other uses.  That Tim did this over the summer is a big deal.

Tim is finishing up his BS in Computer Science at James Madison University this year and will graduate in May of 2017.

Huge thanks to Tim for doing a great job for Memex's Software Development Group!

Below are a few photos of Tim in his remote office with the crystal globe that we had created to show a token of our appreciation, as well as the Memex Development group lunch that occurred when Tim was in the Memex office during his May visit.

Above is the crystal globe that states, "In Recognition of Outstanding Software Development Presented To Tim Edstrom 2016"

We have a tradition of making the interns/co-ops ( James and Gaurav ) wear the famous Montana's of Canada horns :-) 

Above is the extremely talented Memex DEV Team. From left to right is Ryan, Brian, Doug, Tim, Tim S., Jeremy, Dave, Terry and Anusha (not pictured is Gowtham who was on vacation and Ken who is in Woodstock).  Tim learned a great deal from the Memex DEV team.

Here is me and Tim in the 4th bedroom that Tim used as his office during his summer internship at Memex.

Best of luck Tim!