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Memex -- Start capturing real-time OEE in 2016 and burn the clip-boards

Do clip-boards and spreadsheets provide OEE you can trust? 

Real-time OEE with MERLIN creates a fresh new factory inside your existing plant

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For manufacturing companies that measure Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), most do it through writing down measurements on a clipboard then inputting those results into spreadsheets.

But most plant managers realize that this manual process – which can run through several hands – is prone to inaccuracies.

These errors can cause OEE to be misstated by 50% or more. Just as bad, the data isn’t timely or actionable.

Prior to installing the MERLIN communications platform, MEMEX customers have admitted that while they were running their plants 24x7, they could only produce data on 20 out of 24 hours with the clip-board-and-spreadsheet method. Ouch. 

When the error-prone clipboard method is abandoned for a real-time, data-driven approach that delivers trustworthy OEE, it’s like finding a fresh new factory within your existing operations.

Make your New Year’s resolution to burn the clip-boards in 2016.

Learn more about how real-time MERLIN analytics and in-plant dashboard displays helped a North American aerospace manufacturer achieve a 90% increase in OEE.  Just click on the Email Sales button below. 
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IIoT News

MERLIN IIoT for Homeyer 

NTMA's Chairman of the Board and American manufacturing leader Herb Homeyer introduced IIoT software to his factory in 2016 with MERLIN Enterprise Edition from MEMEX. 

“The Industrial Internet of Things, or IIoT, is a powerful trend, and MERLIN makes IIoT real by equipping industrial machines with the necessary interfaces for connecting, collecting, and analyzing manufacturing data in real-time,” said Homeyer.

“One of the things that most impressed us is how no machine is left behind regardless of make or vintage."

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MEMEX CNC memory and DNC free trial

MEMEX's roots are in CNC memory upgrades for a wide range of controller makes and models, plus proven DNC software for easy and reliable machine communication and file management.

Click here for free DNC software trial. 

How MEMEX got 2 industry giants to back MERLIN

The endorsement of networking giant Cisco and Japanese manufacturing titan Mazak took MEMEX Inc. CEO David McPhail and his team eight years to forge.

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Our core belief is that successful IIoT technology adoption drives data-driven manufacturing efficiency, and we want to hear from customers like you. Follow us on Twitter at @MemexInc and let us know what you think about our products and support. Your feedback makes us better.

—David McPhail, CEO, MEMEX Inc. 

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