Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ashburn #1! - But Not Something We Will Advertise :-)

I was sent this link by a former Ashburn neighbor.  At first I thought it was a joke, but it is not.  What
is Ashburn, VA number one in?


A report is run every year and this year Ashburn, VA is number one.  As the report states:

"Ashburn, Va. is the most obscene place in America, as determined by analyzing data from Google.
To find the most obscene cities in America, we plugged the "seven dirty words you can never say on television" -- made popular by George Carlin -- into Google Trends.  We gave each city a score for each of the seven words, assigning more points to cities ranking higher up on each list."

Now, as a resident of multiple cities in my life, I find this hard to believe.   Considering that there is more bandwidth that comes into Ashburn, VA than any other city that I can think of (a three letter government agency in Maryland likely is ahead of Ashburn :-)  - Verizon's World Headquarters, AOL's Headquarters and many massive data centers for Amazon,  Google, Sony, Electronic Arts, insert company here, I just have to believe this is a function of massive bandwidth and not the foul mouthed Ashburn residents.  As I like to point out to friends and family, the internet ends just outside of my neighborhood at Verizon's massive campus.   I watched them pull countless fiber bundles into the old WorldComm Headquarters before it become Verizon.  We have countless data centers the size of multiple football fields spread through out Ashburn.

Of course, I have been known to contribute once or twice to that category of language, so maybe it is true :-)