Saturday, August 23, 2014

Lake Tahoe and San Francisco Vacation 2014

We had a great vacation with my lovely bride of almost 31 years, Michael, Tim and we picked up John.  John's fiancee Janet joined us in Lake Tahoe as did Janet's brother Jeff.

Below is the walk thru of the house we stayed at in South Lake Tahoe:

Above is Emerald Bay at Lake Tahoe.

Above is Tim playing with his iPhone 5 while on a boat...

Below is Julie

Michael and I drove the boat.

Above is John relaxing on the front of the boat.

Below is Tim tubing:

Below is Michael tubing:

Below is John tubing.

Below is the boys throwing the football off the boat and trying to catch before they land in Lake Tahoe

Below is a photo from the deck of our house in Lake Tahoe.

Above is Michael and Tim sitting around the fire pit that we had on our dock

Below is Janet and John on our deck relaxing after dinner

Michael is eating above the burgers he cooked for us one night and below Tim is watching Jeff cook the brownies he made.  Jeff is a former marine, a professional rock climber/instructor and finishing his mechanical engineering degree this year in San Diego.

Below is John and Michael

Above is (from left to right) Julie, me, Tim, Michael, Alina, Gabe, John and Janet at the GREAT House of Prime Rib in San Francisco.

Above is the restaurant Caffe Sport that Neil Groundwater introduced me to in the late 1980s on a trip out to San Francisco for Sun Microsystems.  We had an absolutely incredible meal.  Even Tim said it was amazing.  Scoma's is  still #1, but Caffee Sport is #2 in my book in SF.