Tuesday, July 9, 2013

John Meyer's [MC]2 2013 Keynote

One of the true highlights of [MC]2 2013 MTConnect: Connecting Manufacturing Conference was John Meyer's Keynote that kicked off the final day of the conference.

John Meyer is a Senior Technical Competitive Analyst with IBM, and a well known around the globe as a computer industry thought leader.  At Sun Microsystems, John was known as, "Mr. SPARC" (Scalable Processor ARChitecture)  for his extensive microprocessor expertise, as well has being a highly sought after global expert with Sun's many systems.  John was in constant demand for his deep and wide expertise with performance of competition as well in sales and benchmark opportunities.  He carried his tremendous reputation and expertise to IBM.

John gave a keynote that was titled “Processing Zetabytes: The Technologies Enabling Big Data and Analytics,” which focused on the evolution of computing, the rise of big data and the opportunities this data creates.

John has the very rare ability to take extremely technical topics and present them perfectly to the audiences with such passion and expertise that it is an absolute gift and not something that can be taught.   For the final keynote, we needed a world class presenter who could quickly understand and appreciate the challenges of manufacturing and frame big data and analytics in a manufacturing context.  John Meyer hit it out of the park.  This was a global conference and it was very impressive how well John's keynote came across with all the representatives from around the world beyond just the United States.

Below is John's keynote:

FYI: We are in the process of editing all of the [MC]2 2013 MTConnect: Connecting Manufacturing Conference keynotes, presentations, panels and hands-on classes.  As I am sure everyone can appreciate, this is a very time consuming and difficult process. Huge THANKS to Diyana Hrzic for her amazing video editing skills!