Tuesday, May 12, 2015

McMaster University 3rd Annual Industry Open House

Last month I was at McMaster University's 3rd Annual Industry Open House and sat on a Manufacturing Panel.

"To facilitate a "A Made in Canada Solution" to address the challenges facing Canada's manufacturing sector, the Open House will be included in a full-day event, the inaugural McMaster Manufacturing Forum 2015: Manufacturing a Renaissance. Participants will have an opportunity to tour multiple research locations and listen to the views of experts in the manufacturing industry."

Above is Siemens giving McMaster University $450 million worth of software - very impressive!

Above is a sheet that was given out at McMaster Automotive Research Center discussing some of the electric vehicles that were at the event.

That is me in the BMW i8. Below is the rear of the i8 which is the most interesting rear end of a car that I have seen in quite some time.

Below is a photo of me taken by the film crew who spent 45 minutes interviewing me on MTConnect and manufacturing.