Sunday, February 27, 2011

First Office of Strategic Innovation Roundtable - John Turner - Shop/Plant Factory Floor Assessments

The first guest on the OSI/Roundtable is John Turner, Director of Technology for  FA Consulting and Technology.  John has over thirty years of experience in the manufacturing industry with a large chunk of that being at GE Fanuc.   John was the first person to create a MTConnect appliance back in 2008 that he unveiled at IMTS 2008.    Below John is discussing the MTConnect appliace he created with Dr. David Patterson of University of California at Berkeley.

 In this OSI/Roundtable, John  discusses:

· The many lessons learned in machine assessment over three decades.   
· Taking full advantage of the features and functions of machine controllers.
· Improving part quality and part yield.
·  Identifying and addressing process errors.
· Data collection requirements and opportunities.
· Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)