Thursday, September 7, 2017

Financial Overall Equipment Effectiveness (FOEE) at Data Driven Manufacturing Panel at Top Shops

I was in Indianapolis this past week attending the first ever Top Shops put on by Modern Machine Shop.    Huge THANKS to Mark Albert, Editorial Director, a true thought leader in manufacturing and a longtime friend as well, for inviting me to present Financial Overall Equipment Effectiveness(TM)  (FOEE)(TM) at the Data-Driven Manufacturing Panel at Top Shops!

Mark was the moderator and always does a great job.  He asked the audience of over 300 how many of them were monitoring their shops?  I saw 8 to 10 hands go up.  Mark then said, "I hope when we do this again in a year that there are a lot more of you monitoring your shops, as this is the most important thing you should be doing."  I could not agree more with Mark on this advice!

Included below are some photos of the event and at the end is my presentation on MEMEX's FOEE: The Holy Grail of Manufacturing Data.

As I have previously written, the first "killer app" I ever saw was VisiCalc.  For those of you too young to remember VisiCalc, it was the world's first "visible calculator" or electronic spreadsheet and it came out in 1979.  I remember demoing it in 1979 and the concept was so different, that it took a little while for people to truly appreciate what was going on, but when they did, they would push me aside and take over the keyboard.  At that point, I would start writing up the order :-)

I believe the MEMEX's MERLIN Financial Overall Equipment Effectiveness™ (FOEE™) will be the killer metric for manufacturing as VisiCalc was the killer app  for the entire business world. 

Bob Hansen, of OEE College and R.C. Hansen Consulting, LLC, is the creator and the thought leader who coined the term, Financial Overall Equipment Effectiveness (FOEE).

Just as a reminder, it was on Wednesday September 14th, 2016 at IMTS, where MEMEX introduced MERLIN FOEE
Here is a link to a number of articles on FOEE on my blog.

Below is the flight in with Indianapolis Motor Speedway in the background.

Below is my bio at Top Shops:

Dave Edstrom is the CEO/CTO for Virtual Photons Electrons and has spent 39 (23 at Sun Microsystems) years in the computer industry with the last twelve also in manufacturing.  In the manufacturing world, Dave is best known for his joint work in 2006 and beyond with UCB's Dr.  Dave Patterson to create the vision and framework for MTConnect at AMT's Annual Meeting.  Dave served as President and Chairman of the Board for the MTConnect Institute from 2010 to 2014.  Dave was the CTO for MEMEX for three years leading product development and releasing world-class products at IMTS 2016.  Dave was named one of 30 visionaries in global manufacturing by Manufacturing Engineering Magazine in 2016. Dave is a prolific technical writer of numerous articles, white papers, interviews and blog posts as well as he wrote the first ever book on open systems and MTConnect titled, "MTConnect: To Measure Is To Know".

Above is the program.

Above is me presenting on Data-Driven Manufacturing and discussing my book, MTConnect: To Measure Is To Know, since data-driven manufacturing is a big part of my book.   Mark Albert is to my right above. Thanks to John Rattray of MEMEX for taking the photo above, as well as it was great getting together with John and Barry of MEMEX on Tuesday evening.

Above is where I was interviewed by IMTS-TV.

Below are some cool things they have at the Indy airport :-)