Thursday, April 29, 2010

GNT: Generation of New Technology Website

Every day I get a google alert of anything going on with MTConnect.   Today I received one from an interesting web site called GNT: Generation of New Technology.

What came up today as new, was when Sun Microsystems officially joined the MTConnect Technical Advisory Group.  The article, which came out September 3rd, 2008, is the one that I wrote while I was the Global Chief Technologist for Sun Microsystems.  I am not sure why it came up as new today, unless the page that this article sits on was "touched" and google's crawler picked it up as new.  This article brings out some very important points that are worth repeating:

Interoperability from Design Studio to Shop Floor
MTConnect is an essential first step to connect these production islands and will open up new markets and opportunities for the manufacturing technology industry. Bringing unprecedented interoperability from design studio to shop floor, MTConnect helps enable third-party solution providers to develop software and hardware that make the entire manufacturing enterprise much more productive.
With MTConnect, the manufacturing technology industry can mirror the success of the information technology industry, where common, open industry standards are used to design hardware and software technology to enable different manufacturers products to work with each other.  Just as large compute farms are used to accurately model microprocessors today, MTConnect should help enable the vision of "art to part, first-time correct" by taking advantage of large compute clusters. 
There is an interesting article as well on Android called:

Andy Rubin: Android’s open nature is its strength

What is interesting about this to me and the logical tie in to this post about the importance of being open. is Andy Rubin is an Android Architect.  The article states:

For Andy Rubin, things are about to change, and it wont be long before open systems like Android will start to overtake closed versions like Apple’s system, for the simple reason "that it is a matter of numbers. When you have numerous OEM manufacturers in various product categories, then it is only a question of time."