Sunday, April 7, 2013

6th Row Behind Home Plate For Nats vs. Reds in Cincinnati

I decided to go for a walk down toward Reds stadium.  I saw a Nats fan and made a comment, "hey, you're Nats fan?"  The guy turned around and thought I was trying to start an argument, when I said, "me to, I live in Ashburn."  We spoke for awhile and when he told that Stephen Strasburg was going against the Reds best pitcher, Johnny Cueto, I knew had to see this game on a perfect 70 degree day in Cincinnati.  [MC]2 2013 is in great shape, so why not?  I went to the Reds box office and asked for the best seat in the house which was the 6th row in Section 2 Row F seat 5.  They told me it was all you can eat and all you can drink.  I told the lady, "that sounds like that has my name all over it, let's do it."

Above is the entrance to Reds Stadium.

Above is a mural of the Big Red Machine.

The name below just sounds cool.  It is actually below ground slightly and you walk up to your seats behind home plate.

Below is the brunch I had.  Might have been the best brunch ever.

Below is a video of me walking up the stairs from the Diamond Club into the area behind home plate.

Below is the ticket and the menu at your seat - all you can eat and drink.  I had some great frozen margaritas.  You are SMOTHERED with great service.  For the price you should be :-)

Below is the video of the Nats dugout just after I was just talking with Davey Johnson who you can see heading down the stairs.

That's me hanging out near the Nats bench. You can see Davey Johnson heading down the stairs just behind me.

A signed photo of the main players from the Big Red Machine.

Davey Johnson walking back after meeting at the plate before the game.

That's Johnny Bench in the red at home plate who caught the ceremonial first pitch.  Me and my cousin Richard played Vida Blue and Johnny Bench growing up and I remember doing that in Hastings, Minnesota.

That's Bryce Harper who was right in front of where I was sitting.  When the Reds fans started giving him a hard time, I came to Bryce's defense.  Then all the Reds fans started give me crap.  It was all in good fun and I had lots of great conversations - especially with the Fox Sports executives that were sitting next to me.

 Above is Stephen Strasburg getting ready to pitch and below he is on deck

This is around the 8th inning when I thought I would get some more video of the Nats dugout.

Aroldis Chapman came in at the 9th inning and struck out the Nats.  Below is his last pitch of the day at 101mph.  He has been clocked at 105mph and 105.9 (but that does not have a proper citation) Look in the middle of the photo in the green area.

Unfortunately, Nat's lost 6-3, but it was still one of the all time best times I have ever had at a professional baseball game.