Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Story of Linux: Commemorating 20 Years of the Linux Operating System

I remember ~20 years ago, a scientist at USGS loading up Linux on countless (ok about 50) 3 /1/2" floppies) and I thought, why are you screwing around with this?   I was wrong :-)

FREE MTConnect/Virtual Photons Electrons Polo Shirt - Three MTConnect Success Stories

 In order to prime the pump for success stories, my company,Virtual Photons Electrons, will
provide one FREE MTConnect/Virtual Photons Electrons polo shirt to anyone
who provides three documented MTConnect success stories. 
The shirt will be a
short sleeve polo shirt with the  MTConnect logo on the left chest area and Virtual Photons Electrons
on the right sleeve.  Yes, I am putting my money where my mouth is :-)

How do YOU get one of these GREAT shirts?

Send three MTConnect success stories to me:   (MTConnect members, you know how to reach me)

Include the following for each success story:

MTConnect Success Story Template
Company Name:
Customer email:
Date MTConnect Deployed:
Approximate number of systems MTConnect is deployed on:
                       (notice I am not saying exact amount if customer views this as proprietary)
Types of manufacturing equipment:
                       (notice I am not saying exact name of manufacturing equipment if customer views this as proprietary)
Type(s) of software deployed:
                       (notice I am not saying exact name of software if customer views this as proprietary)
The business and technical reasons WHY the customer went with MTConnect:
                       (a paragraph)

ROI from both a business and technical standpoint:
                       (a couple of paragraphs)
Permission from customer to use this information on under success stories.

More info is obviously better, but I am trying to balance our need for success stories
and customers need for some degree of privacy.   This is the NUMBER ONE REQUEST
we get at the MTConnect Institute - examples of MTConnect success stories.


--Dave Edstrom
President and Chairman of the Board
MTConnect Institute