Sunday, January 24, 2016

Blizzard of 2016 - Ashburn in the Epicenter 38+ Inches

My uncle, Stanley "Tat" Thompson had a great phrase for the blizzard that was projected this past Friday-Sunday -- "The forecast is clear and still, snow clear up to your a$$ and still coming!"

Ashburn was absolutely hammered by the blizzard of 2016. We got over 38" of snow.  The BIGGEST blizzard I have ever been in.

Above is me leaving the garage for the FIRST time on Saturday, we still at another foot of snow to come.

Above is me clearing a part of the backyard for the dogs to take care of business.

Above is a photo of a yardstick at 8pm on Saturday night and it kept snowing for another 4 hours. 

Above is a photo of the backyard Saturday night January 23rd.  That is a 6' fence.

Above are Photon and Nero running around in the area I cleared.

Above is my office.  The snow is over 4' high on the screened in porch that is outside my office. The window sill is about a foot above the height of the porch roof.


Above is Julie in the front yard and in the back yard after a day of some compaction and melting on Sunday the 24th.

Above and below is Waxpool Road.

 I am not sure if I will ever be in a location where one blizzard dumps more than 38" like the Blizzard of 2016!