Sunday, November 3, 2013

Joel Neidig of ITAMCO's Amazing MTConnect Google Glass

This shows what a true thought leader Joel Neidig of ITAMCO really is in manufacturing.  I showed this video below at Mazak Discover 2013 and the audience was blown away!

It's important to understand what you are seeing, so let me give you some background on Joel.  Joel Neidig is the most creative person I have met in manufacturing (here is an IMTS Insider article on Joel). Joel is the first person to create an app for MTConnect and he open sourced.  Since then, Joel has released an incredible 50 ITAMCO apps for manufacturing.  You read that right, 50 apps - one a week.  That is amazing.

What you see below is Joel walking through his plant wearing Google Glass.  You can read more about what ITAMCO is doing with Google Glass here at their homepage under innovation.  You can think of this as augmented reality because as Joel is walking through the plant, his Google Glass is talking via Wi-Fi to get specific information on what he is seeing as well as Joel is using Google Glass as the vehicle to get real time information.

Speaking with Diyana Hrzic of AMT - The Association For Manufacturing Technology - she made some very interesting and compelling points (she always does) regarding this technology and where to take it next.  After you watch the video below, imagine other situations in manufacturing where in addition to the information that is possible with MTConnect, also imagine having real time information to the intelligence of your business, industry trends, marketing data, customer information and a myriad of other types of needed data could help turn data into actionable intelligence.

What you see in the upper right hand corner is what Google Glass is showing Joel.  This is not fantasy, this is what is happening today at ITAMCO.

Check out the video.  Joel's right, this is awesome!