Friday, August 19, 2011

Joel Neidig and ITAMCO - Modern Machine Shop Article by Mark Albert

Mark Albert, Editor-in-Chief at Modern Machine Shop ,is a great writer and has been a HUGE friend of MTConnect.  He has a great article on Joel Neidig of ITAMCO called Remote Machine Monitoring In Hand .  Below is a snippet:

An early proponent and supporter of MTConnect, Mr. Neidig has been active as a member of the MTConnect Technical Advisory Group. He’s also taken the standard a step forward by creating several applications for networkable handheld devices, such as the iPhone and Android. “These apps can be used to dial up the network address of a machine tool’s CNC and access data available through the MTConnect adapter,” he explains. For example, one app enables him to scroll to various screens—such as the one from his iPhone shown here—to view machine status and performance data.
Please go read the entire article, it's well worth the time!