Sunday, February 3, 2013

Visiting My Oldest John In San Francisco

Here are some photos of the apartment where John is staying in San Francisco.   I had to wear a Sun Microsystems CTO shirt and bring along my Sun Java leather jacket.  I am having lunch with John at the new Facebook Campus which they purchased from Sun Microsystems on Monday the 4th of February.  John is a Software Engineer at Facebook.

 Dinner at my favorite restaurant in San Francisco - Scoma's

 John in front of his apartment.

Below is John's main room with three bay windows.  It is a great apartment!

Below the photo below of John's bay windows are the views out of John's bay windows - first looking out the left and then on the right.

Above is John's HD tv and the TV stand we built before the Super Bowl.

Above is the view from John's door down his long hallway inside the apartment.

 Above is a view from John's kitchen.

John's bedroom.

John did not have a dresser and had his clothes on the closet floor.  I felt bad for him and bought him a $500 dress that was on sale for $349 at store in Emoryville.  We went to Ikea (my first time there) and I looked at the Ikea furniture and said, "yeah, this is not the quality I was thinking of  and the idea of building this by hand is even less appealing to me, let's find a real furniture store and I will buy you one as a apartment warming gift."  He eventually agreed.  I also paid for air mattress at REI since I would have had to pay for two nights out of my own pocket anyway as I came out here early for an MTInsight meeting on Tuesday.  It was a win/win.

John and I had a few beers and some food at The Chapel Bar in San Francisco.  The bar literally was an old chapel at one point.   We left at half time.