Thursday, May 25, 2017

Happy 22nd Birthday Java!

A few days late, but this past Tuesday Java turned 22.

There is a very nice article and video by Jamie Mercer at I Programmer.

As Mr. Mercer points out regarding the initial requirements:

"There were five requirements from this experiment. The new language had to: 
  1. be “simple, object-oriented and familiar”
  2. be “robust and secure”
  3. be “architecture-neutral and portable”
  4. execute with “high performance”
  5. be “interpreted, threaded and dynamic”"
I often bring up that I think the phrase, "Write Once, Run Anywhere" was a HUGE factor in its success because EVERYONE could understand those four words versus listing the five requirements above.
I do remember seeing slides on what Mr. Mercer speaks about below:

"The first attempts looked at combining C and Mesa, producing an object-oriented environment in C++, and Gosling even tried creating a new form of C++ which he called C++ ++ -- which is a bit of a mouthful, to say the least.

C++ would be cast aside as it required too much memory and had a tendency to lead to developer errors thanks to its complexity due largely to developers having to manually manage the system memory."

In my office I have a James Gosling signed t-shirt of the 10th Anniversary of Java.  Oh, the good ole days.....

A look back at Silicon Valley’s adolescence -- article by Anika Burgess

The article in Atlas Obscura titled How San Francisco Chronicled Its Own Tech Boom, is definitely interesting, especially the photo of the famous April 1st, 1991 prank of having Scott McNealy's office moved to the shark tank at the Steinhardt Aquarium in San Francisco,

This references an Instagram Account worth following -- SFChronicle_Vault