Tuesday, February 9, 2016

[MC]2 2016 -- The MUST Attend Yearly MTConnect Event

[MC]2 2016 will be a great event and I know that Bryce Barnes, of Cisco, and I are very excited to be speaking together at [MC]2 2016 on a very important topic.

General Session:
  • Manufacturing Cyber-Physical Security
    • Dave Edstrom 
      • Chief Technology Officer - Memex
    • Bryce Barnes 
      • Sr. Mgr., Machine Builder and Robot Segment for the IOT Vertical Solutions Group - Cisco
    • While Cyber-Physical Security is a new term for some, this is rapidly becoming critically important in the world of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) with manufacturing being at the absolute center.In the Memex/Cisco presentation, we will:
      • Discuss current plants and the security challenges that exist.
      • A brief security tutorial.
      • A step by step discussion on how to make a shop/plant secure from both the cyber and physical standpoints. This will provide pragmatic advice in laymans terms.
      •  Summary and next steps.
Below is an advertisement that I saw in Additive Manufacturing Magazine and Modern Machine Shop.  This ad really drives home why it is important to attend [MC]2.