Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Has The Cyber War Threat Been Exaggerated Debate

Long time friend (I don't say old friend anymore since I turned 50 last year :-)  Steve Fritzinger sent me this link for a fascinating debate on the realities of a Cyber War Threat that will take place June 8th at the Newseum.  My only issue with this is that they are charging $45 for this.  It is not the money that they are charging to attend this, but this is something that is so important to our national security that we should be having this as an open discussion in the United States and in the world.

This is being hosted by Intelligence Squared with John Donovan as the moderator.   Marc Rotenberg and Bruce Schneier are "for the motion" and Jonathan Zittran and Mike McConnel are "against the motion". The motion is The Cyber War Threat Been Exaggerated Debate.

I personally believe that the Cyber War Threat is very real, but having listened and read Bruce Schneier on many occasions, I would pay to hear Bruce's thoughts on this.  Maybe the $45 includes an all you can eat Sushi bar and all you can drink bar :-)