Thursday, February 2, 2012

My First Car a 1970 Firebird Formula 400 Commercial

I found this commercial on YouTube.  This is the commercial for my first car a 1970 Firebird Formula 400.  Since my car was highly modified it came with 363HP and was well north of 450hp when I got it.  My blue 1970 Formula 400 had an Iskendarian (Isky) cam, HUGE Holly four barrel carb, Hedman headers, traction bars, quadrophonic 8-track and every option you could think of.

Its' mpg was also well south of 8mpg as my father explained to me in a classic story.  He asked me, "Dave, how many hours do you have to work to pay for your gas for your Formula 400?"   He might as well have asked me the difference between Einsteins' special and general relativity - because I did not know that either.   When he showed me the math on 7mpg highway, and that I had to work four hours to pay for the gas, I came to the conclusion a 1972 240Z might be a better bang for the buck...