Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lion Precision Supporting [MC]2 MTConnect Connecting Manufacturing Conference

Don Martin, president of Lion Precision, has been a huge supporter of MTConnect and has done an outstanding job as the chair of MTConnect’s Sensors Working Group.   This Working Group has played a critical role and has done an outstanding job providing a open and royalty free MTConnect framework to easily enable sensor measurements. The importance of easily enabling sensor data in manufacturing can not be understated.

Below is a quote from Don that appears on American Banking & Market News:
“MTConnect enables machines to communicate information on nearly every parameter of the manufacturing process. Lion Precision is uniquely positioned to provide MTConnect compliant noncontact displacement sensors that can be used to monitor spindle performance including error motions and thermal growth as well as any other parameter requiring precision position measurements.”
 Lion Precision is a real thought leader as illustrated by the NASA example below that appears in the same article.  I blogged about this win a year ago almost to the day.
"The MTConnect protocol is being used by Lion Precision for a joint development project with NASA’s Stennis Space Center – the earliest implementation of the sensor protocols of MTConnect. The NASA project includes a multiple-channel eddy-current displacement sensor system to monitor valve position in rocket engine test cells."