Thursday, November 19, 2009

Infrequent Depth versus Frequent Noise aka Quality vs. Quantity

I just noticed that my LinkedIn Contacts went over 500+    One of the reasons LinkedIn works so well is that it runs on Sun hardware and software.   When I am asked why I don't have a Facebook page, my answers are two fold.  First, LinkedIn is really the Facebook for business people and secondly, my wife has a Facebook page.   When I am asked why I do not Twitter, my answer is that I prefer to blog and I have LinkedIn.  I am interested in big projects my friends and contacts are working on, but I am not interested in what they had for dinner (the Twitter femto-level info stream I simply do not care about). 

It could be argued that I do not twitter because I am old.  I do agree with my father on his analysis of twitter.  When he called and said, "what is Twitter?" and
I explained it to him, his response was, "why the HELL would I waste my time doing that?"   Good question :-)    I guess I prefer infrequent depth verus frequent noise....