Monday, February 11, 2013

Steve Fritzinger of Net Apps and John Meyer of IBM - [MC]2 2013 Keynotes

The [MC]2 MTConnect: Connecting Manufacturing Conference agenda is shaping up. Among the highlights are two keynotes:
  • Processing Zetabytes: The Technologies Enabling Big Data and AnalyticsJohn Meyer of IBM’s Systems and Technology Group will put in perspective where computing technologies have been and how they are adapting to a big data future. Most importantly, John will discuss how industry is positioning itself for a future where massive data analytics will be in common use and how it is applying these technologies for competitive advantage.
  • Manufacturing with Darwin, Moore, and MetcalfeSteve Fritzinger of Network Appliance brings together a unique blend of deep technical expertise and economics knowledge to address problems for clients. Steve is the economics commentator for the BBC program Business Daily. Manufacturing is going through a great deal of change and it won’t be the strongest that survive, but rather those companies that can adapt, scale and connect. In this talk, Steve will describe how trends in software, international trade and education policy will affect manufacturing in the coming decade.
This conference features sessions covering both the business and technical benefits of MTConnect. You’ll also see exhibitors who will feature the latest commercially available products using the MTConnect standard.
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