Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Dinner With John and Janet in San Francisco Celebrating Their Recent Engagement

After I spoke at DMG MORI MDays in Davis, I went to SF to have a very nice dinner with John and Janet.

John had recently asked Janet to marry him while they were vacationing together in Maui and we were celebrating their engagement at Cafe Claude in the city.  Janet picked out the restaurant and it was a fantastic choice.  Below we are enjoying a bottle of wine and some appetizers before dinner.

Mori-Seiki MDays in Davis, CA

The DMG MORI MDays was a big success thanks to the great folks who I had the privilege of being on the panel with:

We were quite honored to come on directly after Dr. Mori gave his keynote.  As I joked, "if you are ever going to speak at DMG MORI MDays, make sure you come right after Dr. Mori!" :)  It was standing room only.

Above is Mark Albert.  Mark was the chair of the MTConnect Panel at MDays.  Mark has been and is a tremendous friend  and supporter of MTConnect.  Mark gave the opening talk and did a fantastic job as usual.  Mark also wrote about MDays here at his great Modern Machine Shop Blog.

Shannon wowed the crowd by showing specific examples of what can be gathered, monitored and analyzed once you have MTConnect enabled your shop.  You could see the standing room only crowd have looks on their face like "I would LOVE to be able to monitor my shop at that level!"

 Joel blew the crowds mind by showing what happens when you combine MTConnect and Google Glass together. You can read more about what ITAMCO is doing with Google Glass here at their homepage under innovation.  You can think of this as augmented reality because as Joel is walking through the plant, his Google Glass is talking via Wi-Fi to get specific information on what he is seeing as well as Joel is using Google Glass as the vehicle to get real time information.

I gave a talk on MTConnect and the pragmatic way to approach introducing MTConnect to a shop or plant.

We had lots of great questions and tremendous amount of interest in MTConnect.

I have had the privilege of working with Mark, Joel and Shannon for a number of years now and this was my last speaking event as President and Chairman of the Board for the MTConnect Institute.  I cannot think of a better group to end my tenure with then these three great folks.  We all went out for dinner the night after our panel in Davis and had a wonderful time.

Thanks Mark, Joel, Shannon and the great folks at DMG MORI!

One of the super cool things that was shown was the new DMG MORI Additive/Subractive Hybrid machine tool. This certainly appears to be a game-changer for manufacturing.