Thursday, November 20, 2014

Edstrom's Ten Laws of Software Development

I was writing an email to my HW and SW Development Team at Memex Automation when I started listing what I feel is important in terms of Software Development.  When I got done, I written Edstrom's Ten Laws of Software Development.

  1. If you do not get the architecture right, then go home because you are wasting your time and the company's money.
  2. Can Dave Edstrom's mother install, upgrade or use this?
  3. Test, test, test, test and then test some more
  4. It is not a question of "is it important", it is a question of "what is it MORE important than?"
  5. If we put in this feature, how much revenue are you willing to commit to and who are the customers?
  6. Remember Mike O'Dell's Two Laws:
    • Scaling is always the problem
    • If you are not afraid, then you simply do not understand.
  7. Remember Neil Groundwater's Two Laws:
    • How do the little electrons know?
    • Everything you know is wrong.
  8. Remember Brooke's Law:
    • Adding more software developers to a late software project only makes it later.
    • As Professors Brooks also stated this law, "Making 9 woman pregnant today does not help you get a baby in one month."
  9. Do you KNOW what the REAL problem is?
  10. If you do not make your own decisions now, time will make them for you.