Sunday, May 22, 2011

Joel Neidig Head of Technology at ITAMCO OSI/R Interview

The second guest on the OSI/Roundtable is Joel Neidig, Systems Engineer and Head of Technology for ITAMCO.

Joel is a real thought leader in manufacturing and the first person to write and MTConnect app for the iPhone and Android.  Joel also open sourced his work.  Joel Neidig is the type of person that gives me great hope for manufacturing because he is a young guy with deep expertise, vision and passion which means he has decades to keep innovating - which will be fun to watch.  This half hour interview covers:
  • Why ITAMCO became involved with MTConnect
  • How ITAMCO takes advantage of MTConnect to improve productivity by being able to monitor ITAMCO's machine tools anywhere, anytime on either an iPhone or an Android
  • Why Joel wrote the iPhone and Android apps for MTConnect
  • The steps involved in writing an MTConnect app for the iPhone and Android 
  • The difference between DOM and SAX in writing an app
  • What Joel will be teaching at the MTConnect: Connecting Manufacturing Conference November 8-10, 2011 in Cincinnati, Ohio
  • The importance of open source and how others can help build upon Joel's great work!
  • What the future holds for ITAMCO and MTConnect