Thursday, March 8, 2012

Me and Joe Gibbs at Manufacturing For Growth Conference

I gave three talks at two different conferences in Orlando yesterday - two on MTConnect and one on MTInsight.

The highlight was absolutely meeting Coach Joe Gibbs.  Below is the photo of me and Joe Gibbs before lunch and after he spoke to 1,500 people.  I told Coach Gibbs that he was a real hero in the Edstrom household.  We spoke for about 5 minutes.  I asked Coach Gibbs with individuals such as John Riggins and Tony Stewart, did he need different set of rules for those individuals.  What Coach Gibbs said was, "no, the rules are the same, but there are different ways to motivate individuals.   For example, Ernest Byner would run through walls for me and I never had to ask him anything."    It is amazing the success Joe Gibbs has had with the Redskins and NASCAR with Joe Gibbs Racing.  It was GREAT to meet Joe Gibbs in person!

Below is a photo of Coach Gibbs discussing when he went to John Riggins farm house to convince John to come back to the Redskins to play in Coach Gibbs first year.  When Riggins accepted he told Coach Gibbs, "IF I come back, I will make you famous."  Coach Gibbs thought, "this guy is a fruitcake!"  He said to himself, "I will have to trade this guy if he accepts my offer to play for the Redskins."

Below is Coach Gibbs drawing out the most productive play in Redskins history - "Charlie 10 Hitch".   Charlie 10 Hitch averaged 9 yards PER PLAY for the Redskins.