Saturday, January 22, 2011

Kiss Cam -- A First at a Wizards Game for Us

We have seasons tickets and last night my wife and I took Tim and his friend Will.  I bought two fifth row tickets for $50 each - normally $110 for those seats.  Season ticket holders get special deals, which is very nice.  Tim and Will sat in the lower seats for the first half.  Julie and I sat there the second half.

At every Wizards game they run the Kiss Cam in the 3rd quarter.  It is always the same deal, the find young and old couples, put their faces up on the Kiss Cam inside a large heart and then you have to kiss before they move on to the next couple.   Everyone in the crowd stares at that the huge screens to see if they are selected and to see what goofy things the couples might do.   Last night, they zoomed in on Julie and me.   

When I jumped on here and started kissing her John Wall jersey she was wearing, the crowd that it was pretty funny.  Julie was naturally embarrased.  To our surprise they came back to us a second time, so this time I gave her the mother of all kiseses.   I thought it was great - as did Tim and Will sitting up in our seats and watching in on the big screen at the Verizon Center.  My wife, not so much :-)