Thursday, September 29, 2011

Celebration of Birthdays and 28th Year Anniversary

Below are some photos (I THOUGHT I lost most of them by previously deleting a single photo on my MacBook Pro appears to have permanently fubarr'd by sandisk, so I know need to buy a low-level formatting program to clean up my 16GB sandisk - but I digress :-)    Lesson learned - if your near 80 year old mother wants to take extra photos of everyone in front of the limo - let her - don't tell her that you will send her the photos from your camera - you never know in life.    I used two photo recovery programs - Stellar Phoenix Recovery and SANDISK CardRescue (preview of paid version).  I can absolutely tell you that there is little difference between the two in terms of finding the photos that were lost.   Thanks to Dennis Govoni for his advice on how to deal with this issue.  NOTE:  I did use both the low-level formatting program and the format program on the Nikon COOLPIX S9100.  UPDATE:  It turns out that when the sandisk was fubar'd, my camera put them on the internal memory and Julie found these when we were looking for beach photos in May 2012.  It turns out that if the Coolpix has difficulty reading the memory card, it automatically goes to internal memory.  You need to always look because it might find it one minute and not the next.

Anyway, back to Julie's BIG 50th bday, Michael's 21st bday and our 28th wedding anniversary.  We had the limo pick up Julie, John, Michael, Tim and me.  We then got Jamie Caldwell who we consider our fourth son (Michael's best friend) and one hell of a great guy and a great athlete.  We then picked up my parents and my sister - the Dr. - and went to Ruth's Chris Steak House.  Afterwards we had the limo driver take us through DC since a few of us had not yet seen the new Martin Luther King Memorial.  It was a great time.   Notice below how Tim had to hide behind John.

 Michael, John, Julie, Tim and me.

John, Jamie, my mother, my father, me behind my father, Tim, Julie my wife, my sister Dr. Julie Edstrom and Michael

Michael with the reflection in the mirro

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