Monday, December 17, 2012

The MTConnect Challenge!!!

There is no better supporter of MTConnect than Ralph Resnick.  Ralph is the President of National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining (NCDMM) and on the MTConnect Board of Directors.  NCDMM has been a tremendous partner of MTConnect.  Ralph is a true thought leader and just a great guy as well.  I am extremely lucky to be able to be able to seek Ralph's advice on a number of topics.  I can not thank Ralph enough for everything that he does for not only MTConnect but manufacturing!

This MTConnect Challenge really proves how far MTConnect has come since 2007!

Below are some snippets from the NCDMM homepage discussing the MTConnect Challenge.

The MTConnect® Challenge is comprised of two main goals:
  1. To engage and stimulate a broader base of software and system architects to develop advanced enterprise, facility, and machine control applications based on, and extensions to, the MTConnect® standard to enable a more efficient and competitive domestic manufacturing infrastructure for the defense enterprise; and
  1. To create valuable tools and applications that can be easily adopted by manufacturing enterprises, especially the lower tier producers, to enhance their manufacturing capabilities and support Department of Defense (DoD) supply chain management goals.

The expectation is that the interoperability afforded by MTConnect® will enable a host of third-party solution providers to develop software and hardware products to make the entire manufacturing enterprise more productive. Although a limited number of applications utilizing MTConnect® have emerged, a comprehensive and wide spread initiative would go a long way in socializing and formalizing the potential impact of the MTConnect® standard on an extended manufacturing enterprise.