Sunday, January 30, 2011

Announcing OSI/R - Office of Strategic Innovation Roundtable

Today, I am very pleased and proud to announce The Office of Strategic Innovation Roundtable (OSI/R).

 The OSI/R is a joint effort with AMT - The Association for Manufacturing Technology and Virtual Photons Electrons.  The OSI/R will be a regularly scheduled (likely weekly) webcast interviewing thought leaders in manufacturing, the computer industry, science and technology.

Below is the opening I will use for Office of Strategic Innovation Roundtable's webcasts:

Stay tuned for the first guest!

Great Article on Chevy Volt

The Washington Post's Gene Weingarten writes a great article on the Chevy Volt.

The Volt is the exact right architecture for an electric.  Below is what I mean as Gene Weingarten writes:

"The Volt is an all-electric car, with an asterisk. You can plug it in overnight -- even to the same sort of dinky wall outlet that runs your coffee maker -- and by morning, the car's battery is fully charged. It's ready to power the Volt's two electric motors, which will carry you 30 or 40 miles on that wall juice alone. If your life is circumscribed by a daily commute of 40 miles or less -- this applies to about three-quarters of Americans -- you can run this car without ever using even a teaspoon of gas, at the cost of about a buck fifty a day in electricity. But if you really, really want that cheese steak, you can get it, too.
The Volt's dainty gasoline engine doesn't usually power the car directly; it acts primarily as a generator to recharge the battery, which keeps the electric motors going another 300 miles or so after that initial charge is exhausted. Running on gas only, albeit premium, the Volt's motors still generate power at a respectable 37 miles to the gallon."