Sunday, July 14, 2013

Great Week in Ocean City, Maryland with the Franklins of Marshall, Wisconsin

Julie and I spent a week in Ocean City, Maryland with Bobbi and Richard Franklin (my cousin) of Marshall, Wisconsin as well as their daughter Tayor and Taylor's friend Kimberly.   Below are some of the highlights.

The first mandatory health stop if to Thrasher for their world famous boardwalk french fries with vinegar - NO KETCHUP as they like to say :-)

Early morning view from out balcony of the three umbrellas and four chairs I set up at 7:30am every morning.

Little blurry, but they showed movies on the beach in front of our condo.

Bobbi Franklin and Julie

Taylor Franklin and her friend Kimberly.

Julie and me at our new favorite restaurant in Ocean City - the Harborside Bar and Grill which are known for their orange crushes.  You have to like any restaurant that has a sign the "bikers can not wear their colors".   They are not talking about your Lance Armstrong Trek jersey either.

Above is the orange crush from the Crabcake Factory which Julie and I ate at twice since it was just one block from our condo on the ocean side.

Richard and I like to compete on everything.  Below is me kicking his butt boogie boarding! :-)

One of the highlights was the 46.2 round trip Ocean City to Rehoboth bike ride that my cousin Richard and I took one day.  We had a 16 to 20mph southerly tailwind, so we flew up there.  Not so easy on the way back.  This was a distance record for Richard.  It was also tough because he broke a spoke and the bike shop in Bethany did not line the rear tire up correctly when they fixed his spoke on the way back, so his brake was rubbing all the way from Bethany to OC and we did not realize this until we got to OC.

Some fireworks on the 4th of July.  We sat out in front of Bobbi and Richard's tennis courts to have a great view on  a perfect night.

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