Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Smart Manufacturing Magazine Names Dave Edstrom One of 30 Visionaries in Manufacturing

I am very honored and humbled that Smart Manufacturing listed me as one of the 30 visionaries in manufacturing around the globe.  This lists includes such individuals as Jeff Immelt of GE, Carl Bass of Autodesk, Brian Papke of Mazak, Dr. Jay Lee of University of Cincinnati and David McPhail of Memex.

Only Memex had two individuals make this prestigious list - which we are extremely proud of at Memex!

At the [MC]2 2016 Conference and the MFG4 Conference (both where I spoke) it was very nice to see Smart Manufacturing with posters in the conference with photos of the 30 Visionaries.

While I did not make the outside cover, I did make the inside cover.  Note that my oldest son John has already been in both Wired and Fortune in his mid 20s, so I am trying to catch up to him.  Which is a great problem to have as a dad :-)

Below is the write up on me in Smart Manufacturing.

Above is the cover of Smart Manufacturing.

Above is the photo of me with Dave Patterson to my left.

Below in the upper right is David McPhail, President and CEO of Memex.