Sunday, August 19, 2012

Golfing at 1757 My Parents, TIm and Me

  Above is Tim, my youngest son, me and my father at 1757 Golf Course in Ashburn, VA.

Above is Tim, my mother and my father at 1757.   Tim and I lost 42 golf balls between in just 7  holes.

Mark Albert's Great Article on ITAMCO and Task Force Tips

MTConnect has no greater friend than Mark Albert, Editor-in-Chief at Modern Machine Shop Magazine.  Mark writes another great article titled:

MTConnect: Two Shops Share Their Experience


It is an excellent article that brings out many great examples of ITAMCO and Task Force Tips using MTConnect.  I really like how Mark brings out these common points:

"Here are some of the positive characteristics they have in common:

• A proactive, aggressive stance toward adopting new technology.
•  A commitment to participate in the development of new technology. (Both companies actively support the MTConnect Institute as members and working group participants.)
• The ability to imagine and create in-house their own uses and applications for emerging technology. (Having staff dedicated to promoting advanced technology is important.)
• The boldness to consider and develop applications that “get ahead” of the current version of MTConnect in anticipation of benefits to come.
• The openness to share lessons learned and advice with other users and potential users of this communication standard."

This article should be read by anyone considering MTConnect.